Mayor Mark Walus rode … something weird … along the parade route Saturday during the annual Brighton Applefest Parade. It looked like a combo SF creation, Burning Man bicycle and Asian public transportation. It was colourful and fantastic.

Equally fantastic were the crowds. A lot of peeps everywhere.

It was hot, too. But that didn’t stop a record number of classic cars from showing up to park all day in the Brighton Public School yard. Nor did it stop the strong men showing up the rest of us.

As in the past, the parade was a delight. The marching. The music. The smiling kids. I thought the Shriners would have a lock in the weird vehicle department until I saw the Mayor’s ride. But they still managed to amaze with their Red-Green-inspired creation.

As usual, the Mayor could not resist making a sartorial statement. His tie was about as subtle as a basket of apples.

There were lineups for the food trucks. Serious sit downs for beer. And breaks in park shade to listen to some bouncy music. Overhead, it felt like a movie was in progress as a sightseeing helicopter buzzed the town.

According to Sherry Burkitt organizer of the Brighton Applefest Car Show around 340 entrants showed up. About 35 more than last year.

“Every year it gets bigger. The weather really does bring a lot of people out.

“I love it. Seeing this schoolyard really packed from one end to the other in four hours is great.”

“The Quinte section (vintage motorcycles) is new this year. We have had it open before for tractors … I am hoping they will be back next year. It is nice to get a good mixture.”

Speaking as one of the organizers of Applefest this year she said, “This year with it being 150 we were trying to make it a little bigger, make it a lot more enjoyable for people. Our parade for this year was bigger than normal. The Main Street is always packed from one end to the other. It is unreal the number of people that come down there. It is unreal the number of vendors that we can get.”

“I just hope to see everybody back next year. And see it grow year after year. It has been amazing.”

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