According to Debbi Barfoot, Territory Manager with the Canadian Blood Services there currently is “an active donor base in Brighton of 192 donors who give blood on a regular basis. There are 135 past blood donors in Brighton who have donated in the past but not in the last 12-18 months. If those donors attended the clinic and donated blood on a regular basis the clinic would collect its goal of 77 units.”

Last year the collection total for each clinic was 96 units but that total had to be adjusted downward.

“Additional donors are needed in Brighton because historically we have not been collecting our targets/goals. We do not have enough people donating in the area.”

“We would like to see additional younger donors start donating blood in Brighton and would hope that once they start donating blood they will continue to donate blood throughout their life.”

Brighton Lions Club is volunteering and members are also helping us out trying to recruit new blood donors in Brighton they have taken this on as a project in 2017.”

All of the blood collected at every clinic goes to the lab and is then dispersed to hospitals. Minimum age to donate is 17 and there is no upper age limit.

Blood Donor Clinic Friday, October 13 at the Fellowship Christian Reformed Church, 204 Main Street 2:30pm-6:30 pm. Make appointments or call 1-888-236-6283

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