Possibly coming to a location near you if Ian LeBlanc has his way –  Axe Throwing!

Ian’s jump into the business of bringing Axe Throwing facilities – Upper Canada Axe Throwing – to the location of your choice was serendipitous he says, “I wanted to bring something new and popular for the Warkworth Fair. I just moved to Warkworth last summer. It’s an upcoming sport that is new and popular.”

“It (the business) took on a life of its own. And now everyone wants me to make a clubhouse. But right now I am renting out my mobile booth with the intent to develop a clubhouse later.”

What is an axe-throwing booth?

Similar to a batting cage, it is surrounded by steel lattice. The booth is ten feet by sixteen feet and open at one end. It has two lanes so that friendly competition can occur.

He says, “I will deliver it. I will set it up. Take it down. I will supply you with  axes, insurance and a lane marshal for your party.”

But throwing an axe? Isn’t that something only Vikings and burley lumberjacks do? Ian says, “They are small axes. Fourteen inches. One and a quarter pounds each.”BNNow_axe2

They are easy to toss he says. “Originally it was only for a little bit of fun. When I built the booth it was for fun. But I quickly picked up on it and now I am just educating people about axe throwing and giving them the basics. “

“I have done the Warkworth Fair, the Port Hope Fair, Applefest in Brighton. Now I am booked for the Norwood Fair.”

“I already have people booking me for parties, corporate events and other stuff.”

“I am a custom cabinet maker for the Property Brothers. So I do a lot of stuff on HGTV with Johnathon and Drew. I was recently signed to host my own show with Tricon Films but that fell through. Recently I did a carpentry project with Jeanne Beker … we are … scheming about what I can come up with.” He is also a volunteer firefighter with the Trent Hills Fire Department.

At present, he has plans to install clubhouses in Warkworth and North York.

He lists a website but it is inoperable at this moment: www.uppercanadaaxe.com. However, should you want to find out more you can email him: ianleblanc@rogers.com or phone: 905.431.8528