Parachute, the Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives, is bringing its internationally acclaimed roadshow for youth NO REGRETS to East Northumberland Secondary School on November 1, 2017.

According to the Parachute website, annual injuries in Canada cause 16,000 deaths. There are 3.5 million emergency room visits. The national cost of injuries equals 26.8 billion dollars. Injuries cost more than the costs of heart disease and stroke combined. Children are the ones who have the highest casualty rate due to car accidents and are hospitalized the most due to falls.

Parachute (and its legacy organizations) is a respected source of credible injury prevention information for families and communities, the media, business, governments, researchers and the injury prevention community. It is partnered with a wide range of organizations in a variety of initiatives to prevent injuries and save lives.

“At Parachute, we understand teenagers love to take risks. They love the adrenaline rush that comes from diving off a bridge, driving too fast or skiing out of bounds. But many of them are unaware that unintentional injuries – including car crashes, falls and drowning – are the leading cause of death for their age group.”

Young people respond poorly to traditional safety messages that tell them what they must not do.

No Regrets Live is an hour-long presentation that combines fast-paced video clips of young people having fun taking smart risks and more sober images of the results of poor choices that led to injury.

There is a live talk by an injury survivor or someone who has been deeply affected by injury. The presenter speaks candidly about how the injury has affected his or her life while presenting positive choices that can be made to reduce the risk of injury.

One of the presenters is Melissa Hague.

She is no stranger to the field of injury prevention. During her high school years, she was an active member of OSAID (Ontario Students Against Drunk Driving), and she served on the OSAID Student Executive Board from 1987-90.  As an Injury Survivor Presenter since 1992, Melissa tells her personal story of how she survived an impaired driving crash. At the age of 12, Melissa was left a paraplegic when a drunk driver crashed into the car her mother was driving. The crash killed her mother and changed Melissa’s life forever.

Melissa has journeyed across Canada with the NO REGRETS presentation, giving thousands of high school students positive messages about prevention. Her travels with the program have also included an overseas visit to Sweden, where she presented to the Swedish medical community in December 1993 as well as numerous presentations in the United States.

Outside of her work with NO REGRETS, Melissa has studied sociology full-time at Guelph University, worked in retail, taught adaptive Phys-Ed, instructed an outreach program and played wheelchair basketball for a Toronto team. Melissa lives in Peterborough, Ontario.

She will talk about two examples of people who have been injured; Michelle injured while getting a piggyback ride downstairs, Sean run over by train when he slipped onto the tracks.

Parachute – Preventing Injuries. Saving Lives.