First the good news. Entry is free to the annual Christmas at Presqu’ile Arts and Crafts Show including parking. The better news. There is no admission fee to get into the Park. And the best news is this annual event features the crafts and products of more than 150 Ontario artisans, artists and crafters.

What could possibly make a visit to the park even better?BNNow_xmas5

A stop at the tea room! “Stonehedge, a heritage mansion located right next door to Christmas House. The Tearoom serves up hot drinks, rum cake and a picturesque view of the Lake Ontario shoreline,” according to a pr blurb.

And your day won’t stop with the tearoom and the Christmas House! You can go on to visit the art show at the Interpretive Centre.

Plus, added bonus! you can see the what is happening with the refurbishment of the Presqu’ile Lighthouse, one of only 8 heritage lighthouses on situated on Lake Ontario.

Pretty cool, eh? A great way to spend your Saturday, your Sunday or your weekday, Wednesday.

Of course, we could mention that you can skip stones at the water’s edge as you will only be about twenty metres from the water’s edge. Then again maybe you are the type of person who just likes to stare at all that water thinking you are at the edge of the ocean. Either way, if you like water you will enjoy your time in Presqu’ile Park because whether you are at the Christmas House, the Tea Room or the Interpretive Centre you are only a hop, skip and jump to the water’s edge. And we all know how restorative that can be!BNNow_xmas3

So, you have two weekends to get down to Presqu’ile Park and check out the two shows, one for Christmas gifts and crafts and the other for the art. November 4, 5, 8, 11 & 12.

Over 250 volunteers help to make this, ongoing for more than a quarter century, event a success. All the dough from the show and the raffle are kicked back into The Friend’s interpretive and educational programs. So you will be doing them a solid by blowing some cash down by the lake. And, you just might get an early start on your Christmas purchases. And we know what a relief that can be!

Saturday and Sunday, November 4 & 5, 11 & 12. Plus a one day, midweek opportunity, Wednesday, November 8. 10 to 4 for the Tea Room; 10 to 5 for the Interpretive Centre