From left,  Mayor of Quinte West Jim Harrison, Executive Director Wendy Parker, Lead Physician Dr BNNow_health1 Richard Wiginton, Bonnie Ainsworth, MPP Lou Rinaldi, Mayor of Brighton Mark Walas, Amber Christopher, Liz Palmer, Amanda Hinschberger, Kim Doxtator, Laura Yontz

Lou Rinaldi, M.P.P. for Northumberland Quinte West, was at the Brighton location on Main Street recently. His presence brought smiles to all the staff as he was there to announce a much-needed infusion of cash.

When the health team opened 2008 there were just two doctors. Since then the team has expanded to 12 doctors with one doc in Colborne, 5 in Quinte West and 7 in the Brighton facility. At present, the team has about 13,500 patients with the expectation that this number will reach 14,000 by the end of the year.

Despite the patient load more than doubling, the facility has not had an increase in the base funding of $1,048,000. since 2008.

Executive Director Wendy Parker acknowledged the announcement made for, “a very big day.”

“To get another 271, 000 added to our base funding will be extremely beneficial for our programs and services,” she said.

She suggested that the one-time grant of $28,300 one-time grant that accompanied the bump in yearly funding might go towards such items as a medication frig, examination lights,  and a rebranding process that will start in the new year.

“We are going to use that money for staffing to grow our inter-professional team. We have a team of social work, dietician, pharmacist, nursing and nurse practitioners working out of all three sites.”

According Wendy, “The concept of the family health team wraps the team of professionals around the patient so they have the physician, the nurse practitioners, and the rest of the interdisciplinary team that provide support.“

Lou Rinaldi as Brighton residents know has been a tireless supporter of the Brighton Health Team. He pushed for its inception long before it became a reality.