The headline I wanted to run was: Brighton Seniors in Seasonal Collusion with Underage Fans of Christmas but I thought it too risqué.

The fact is, it’s not often kids get retail preference over adults but once a year at The Brighton Depot the red carpet is royalty rolled out for the kids.

This is the 8th year that the volunteers at Brighton’s Clothing Depot plan on banning adults from the premises Sunday, December 10 so children – ages 4 to 12 – can shop for their parents, siblings, grandparents without an adult member of the family peering over their shoulder.

What a relief that must be. 

And, the good folks, the Brighton Depot volunteers that is, will take kindly to all the consumers-in-training coming through the front door that day. Should one not have all the change necessary to make, possibly the first ever Christmas present purchase of his or her young life,  the Depot folks will cover the difference.

Ha! Wish the folks at Sobey’s were so understanding!

According to Treasurer Sue Allan the kind of presents that will be on hand will be: for the grandparents Christmas mugs, specifically for the grandmothers- mugs containing hot chocolate, chocolate, and jewellery; for the grandfathers- mugs with hot chocolate, candy and something for a man.

Sue says they are only $2 each.

We have gift basket presents all wrapped up for mums. We have toys for the kids for their brothers and sisters. There is everything,” she says.

The event is funded by the ongoing operation of the organization. Volunteers assemble everything. Toys and mugs are brand new.

Sue claims that “Last year there were at least 67 children that picked up presents

“This year we are advertising on the radio so we expect quite a few more,” she says.

What’s in it for the kids beside the opportunity to buy a Christmas present their parents will have no idea about (everything is gift wrapped on the spot)?

“They will get a chocolate while waiting in line. Plus, they take home candy and baked goods for themselves. We keep the parents outside so they can’t see what they are getting. We have a ball. We dress like elves. We take them all around,” Sue assures.

Remember the day: Sunday, December 10, 2017, 10 am to 1 pm.

BNNow_depot2For children: ages 4 to 12

Location: The Brighton Clothing Depot at 4 Craig Boulevard