Yes, coming soon to a location near you!

One day only! DECEMBER 10!

Free skating day across Northumberland!!!!

Officially the event is called: #Canada 150 Skating Day Northumberland

which if you can’t remember numbers makes this a hard fact to remember.

We (the staff at NNN) do not want you to miss out on all the free fun. So just remember: Skate for Free. December 10

Look below to find out where you can go and when.

Warkworth Arena ….. 11 to 1

Baltimore Arena ….. 12 to 1:30

Port Hope Jack Burger ….. 1 to 2

Cobourg Community Centre ….. 1:30 to 3:30

Campbellford Arena ….. 4 to 6

However, Colborne is different.

The Free Skate is December 9 …. 3 to 4:30

for other free physical activities check out

or @NorthumberlandSportsCouncil on FB