Article & images by Valerie Macdonald

Newly-acclaimed, second-time around, Northumberland County’s new Warden- Mark Lovshin.

For a second time in his political career, Hamilton Township’s Mayor Mark Lovshin is Northumberland County’s warden. He was acclaimed to the one-year position during Wednesday’s county council session.

After taking the oath of office and outgoing Warden Mark Walas handed over the Chain of Office, Lovshin talked about the importance of municipal/county collaboration, what is needed to “sustain” the county and make it prosper.

He outlined the priorities of the coming year which include the County’s response to those who are homeless and partnership with Alderville First Nation.

Alderville First Nation Chief James Marsden was among those present to welcome Lovshin to his position and to voice a desire for continued co-operation with Northumberland County.

Among the first priorities facing the county said Lovshin is the draft county budget of $124-million which will be up for a vote on Jan. 24, 2018. Overall, the proposed budget contains a 1.91 percent increase (including .3% to build up the county’s dedicated infrastructure reserve). Because it is not quite the 2% target set by council, county staff have proposed the .09 difference also go into this reserve as well.

The increase affecting residents is $11 for an average household states an accompanying press release.

There was a sombre moment during the proceedings when newly-appointed Warden Lovshin and (in his capacity as Mayor of Brighton) Walas talked about the impact of the passing of former Trent Hills Mayor Hector Macmillan earlier this year.

On a lighter note, there was a video of Former Warden Walas who often sported a bright white and red maple leaf-covered jacket in recognition of Canada’s 150th celebrations, doing his 2017 duties.

No longer Warden of Northumberland County, Mark Walas will be remembered not just for his excellent service but for his sartorial splendour. (Ted Amsden Photography©2017)

Warden Walas was “well suited for the job,” quipped Lovshin before council offered applause for his contribution.