I live in Brighton. It’s me that posts most of the articles on Brighton Now.

Brighton Now is one of several sites available to residents of Northumberland County. The others are Port Hope Now, Cobourg Now, Cramahe Now and soon, Trent Hills Now.

We describe Brighton Now and the other sites as web magazines. It is a public role we are feeling our way into. With the traditional model of funding news services being challenged, advertisers changing their allegiances and printing on paper not an option, our advances at times have been tentative. Our model is the Cramahe Now site. Started by Bob Owen, it is owned and operated by Jay Robinson who is the publisher of the News Now Network. 

It has become a trusted news source for Cramahe.

We want to become equally trusted in other parts of Northumberland. 

This is a locally-focused site for you to post information on as well as a gathering point for the community to turn to see itself reflected. We reserve the right to edit and display articles according to our style guidelines. Hard news such as court proceedings and accidents are not our purview. Controversial topics are also not in our sights at this point. It a is matter of economics. This model has to pay for itself. Reporters in the present media economy are a luxury. I know I was one for over 25 years with the Cobourg Daily Star and the Port Hope Evening Guide. Proper coverage demands investigating competing views of an issue. This takes time which means money is needed. Reporters have families and need to eat.

One of the aspects of our model is that your stories are perpetually available to anyone at anytime. Granted they pushed down the line as newer articles are published, but they remain in the queue. 

The road so far has been a bit slow and bumpy. Although I have been in the news gathering business for a quarter century, I have not been an editor. I have dropped the ball on a few occasions and not been aggressive enough encouraging you to send us your announcements. Please send us your news about your 2018 events.

I enjoy looking at the posters about upcoming community events on the board near the entrance in Sobeys. When I lived in Cobourg occasionally I would go door-t0-door to the stores delivering my posters for either my art shows or upcoming poetry events. Always a pleasant opportunity to connect with shop keepers it was basically a redundant activity. Five stores with the same poster did not guarantee five people would see it. Only that one person saw it five times.

With online posting the effort is minimized and the reach is extended considerably. You never know who is going to see it and where that might lead to. So send us your stuff. PDF-it. JPEG-it. Remember the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why. We will share your story.

All the best

Ted Amsden