There is a new structure in Presqu’ile Park.

It is the Home Depot Pagoda. Already you can see the impressive multi-layered roof line taking shape. The Home Depot logo has been tastefully incorporated into the overall design of the building as a repetitive motif.

There are plans to landscape around its base with bonsai plants, a rock garden and a waterfall that will cascade into Lake Ontario. As well, there are plans for a koi-filled water feature. Tourists will be encouraged to feed the fish with pre-purchased packets of fish food.

Officials are working on plans to re-purpose the Interpretation/Nature Centre with the plan of re-opening it as a Tea House. Many local artists are on board with this totally unexpected direction Ontario Parks and the Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society has taken but are saying they will have items for sale made from locally-sourced locations that will be appropriately themed. 

It is expected that this Japanese-inspired building will draw tourists to the point of Presqu’ile Park in numbers comparable to the crowds the Big Apple draws during the summer.

Expect to see it officially opened during Cherry Blossom Weekend later this year. Mayor Mark Walus has promised that he will appear in a suit covered in flower blossoms for the opening.

And if you believe what you just read Dear Reader, I have wetland for sale with your name on it, too…. Happy Early April Fool’s Day! You’ve been pranked!

The Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society (PPLPS) has sunk over $300,000 into restoring this historic lighthouse (built circa 1840.) It is one of the few original lighthouses surviving on the lakeshore of Lake Ontario.

Recently chair for the PPLPS, Dave Sharp appeared before Brighton Town Council with his hand held out. The Society has been working hard raising money through drives and membership fees raising substantial amounts to pay for this historic undertaking. Ontario Parks is expected to come through with $50,000. At present, there is a shortfall of $12,500. The town helped out last year with this amount and has now been asked to repeat the gesture of support.

Council has yet to make a decision as of this writing on the request.

The Society has plans for another fundraising event at the Brighton Arena in June.

To explore an excellent article about the on-going process of restoration of the historic building go to:

Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society – Refurbishing the lighthouse

The Society has put out a notice on FB for help: Are you free on January 10th and/or January 11th? We are in need of 2-3 volunteers to help label & stuff envelopes for our newsletters. If you are free to join us, you can simply comment below, send us an e-mail at or call us: 613-475-5109. Refreshments will be provided.