Photos & Story by Ted Amsden

By all accounts Applefest in Brighton was awesome! Nothing says a festival is successful like thousands of people walking down main street as they did on Saturday.

There was lots happening everywhere. The fff-wap-fff-wap of sightseeing helicopter flying over town could be heard all weekend. Music washed through the streets. Sounds of the Brighton Speedway thrilled Friday and Saturday. Smells of great food drifted up from street bbqs. Hundreds of vendors selling everything to everyone struck a prosperous chord. People loved the many choices of things to do around town.

Then there was the parade. A fun run through the people gauntlet of vendor alley with a wiggle around town back towards the beginning. Passing by people clapping and smiling all the way. People sitting on porches. Front of the Post Office. On the curb. Ringside on their balconies. The happy subject of countless cell phone pics.

Two parade watchers with appropriate festival adornments thought the parade excellent.

Nikki Lance has seen 23 Brighton parades in her life and she said, “Every year it is the highlight of Applefest. It is my favourite part. I know everyone in the parade.”

She, of course is not biased having appeared in the parade numerous times in the past with Skate Canada.

Her friend Ottawa resident John Lau said, “Hands down the pirate ship won my heart. I love the audio visuals. The bang. Nikki said she was scared as a kid but now that she is older its more fun.”

R & R provided a little musical entertainment while members of the thirsty public worked on their tans.

Over at the school where the car show took place Brian Devenish and his wife Karen from Trenton arrived in his 1938 Chev coupe. A lovely blue creation of rolling purring power that he has been working on for 18 years and that he happily showed at the Brighton Car & Antique Tractor Show. His reaction to the event was enthusiastic, “Great! Great weather. Lot of nice cars here.”

According to Brian 305 cars competed for ten prizes.

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